In the Southern Hemisphere lies a Viticultural Eden bathed by an ancient ridge, where pristine glacial waters filter down through nutrient rich earth. This unspoiled paradise is the chosen land for growing vines. It is here where our wines are born. 300 days of sun, deep roots, and alluvial soil create the most ideal of conditions for these MYTHIC Argentine wines.

The idea for MYTHIC was born when CASARENA winery manager Marcelo Waldheim and Head Winemaker Bernardo Bossi Bonilla teamed up with the common goal of creating the ultimate expression of emblematic grape varietals from the varying wine regions in Argentina and beyond... crafting wines of uncompromising quality, each with a unique oenological identity.

The project began in 2013, utilizing 20 hectares (50 acres) of top-quality vines located in the famed Agrelo district; aiming to rediscover the original roots of the Malbec grape in Luján de Cuyo, arguably the most well-respected and recognized terroir in Mendoza Province. Stay tuned... lot’s more to come !!